Fandom is cornball

Dude! Have you ever seen a complete circle in fandom? It started with me slobbering over Anna’s blog, as usual. In an older post that I’d somehow missed, she mentions katemonkey. I surf through katemonkey’s blog and click some of her links to discover that she is Dymphna.

I know of Dymphna from her tornado of sites, which will suck you in and spin you ’round and 5 hours and 12 sites later, you’ll feel rode hard and put up wet. And, she operates the Little Cheerleader Inside clique–the one and only clique of which I am a member. How could I resist when one of the buttons says, “Do you speak fluent fag?” I’ve also seen Dymphna (and Anna, for that matter) around the Better Buffy Fics egroup I troll.

Now, katemonkey mentions a fic by a Jen person. Which I’ll read. Eventually. Maybe. This Jen person’s domain name is I’ What initially caught my attention is that domain name, because I thought I’d gotten an email from After thinking for a moment, I realize that I may be wrong. But then I remembered that my place in fandom was, um, not, and I checked out Jen’s site.

Under her “Friends” section, a sister site is spicedrum‘s. I know spicedrum from the TWoP boards. I know that I’ve interacted with her. Does she remember that she’s interacted with me?, is the question. If so, then my stupid little fandom circle is closed. If not, then I’ll have to whore around her site until she links to someone else. Maybe that person will definatly know me!

But that’s cornball. Here’s why I especially remember that spicedrum rocks (from an entry in her blog):

Something I realized tonight:

I may not like who I am very often, but damned if I don’t have a fuckload of well-deserved respect for myself.

Spicedrum is my new girlfriend. It’s official.

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