Change will do you good

I’ve been meaning to change this place up for a while. Unfortunately, I don’t have an enviable amount of bandwidth, and I want to add so much more to the site. I’ve got ideas for more songs, I’d like to try to make a fan vid, and (Oh, great shock!) devote some space to non-Buffy interests. The re-organization of my online hangout, was a wake-up call. The forum I spent more time in than anything else was killed. Fortunately, we’re a self-starting bunch, so the Looking Good: Fashion and beauty forum lives on.

Please update your bookmarks and links, if applicable. Please stay tuned for continuous developments. I’m all about change, yo.

For Boliver, these changes mean that you can actually get the songs you’re missing! Woo hoo! Drool-worthy weekend tunes include a tribute to mmmmFaith, a spot of the ol’ Ripper, everyone’s favorite tune with a soul, and the late Daniel Osborn (a.k.a. Oz).


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