Magical epiphany

So, I’m watching season six of Buffy in preparation for season seven to begin. When I watched “Dead Things,” I perked up during one of my favorite scenes between Willow an Tara outside of the Magic Box. Everyone seemed to notice Spike’s brown suit in “Tabula Rasa” as the one from the prophetic dream “Restless” at the end of season four. But why did I just notice Willow’s black jacket and and pants in DT as the same black ensemble she donned in “Two to Go” for her foray into evil?

In the episode after DT, “Older and Far Away,” we find out what Willow kept in the back of her mind — dipping back into the black arts.

Just so you know, I-I was never … gonna use it. I mean, not really, I … I just kept it like a safety net. ‘Cause … there was always this … thing in the back of my head. This, you know, voice, saying, like, ‘what if things get bad, I mean really bad? And what if you can’t handle it?’ A-and it made me panic, so … that’s why I kept a couple of things. I … kept them so I-I didn’t have to think about it, so I could focus on … on getting better.

She also warned us: “If I start [using magic again], I … I might not be able to stop.”

I really think season six was more planned out than the Deep Bitterness Society gives Mutant Enemy credit for. Either way, it’s time for a new season. To which I offer up a resounding Yay! I really need to take a moment to plan my premier watching strategies for the shows I’d like to see. Is that sad? Getting out my little planner, marking down times and channels so I don’t miss anything ….


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