I’ll take obscure teen movie facts for $400

This weekend I rented I’m with Lucy. It was surprisingly good, what with David Boreanaz, a.k.a. Unfrozen Caveman Actor, getting second billing in it. David is my imaginary television boyfriend, and I’m completely faithful to him and love him a lot. But, let’s face it, the man’s no Denzel Washington vat of emotional wealth. Nor is he the sharpest crayon in the box, God bless him. But he sure is pretty to look at. He had almost three different emotions in this movie, too! He was pretty good! Monica Potter plays the titular character, Lucy, who goes out on five blind dates. Date number five was with UCA.

Monica Potter is offically my new imaginary movie girlfriend. I’ve liked her in a couple of movies I’m mostly embarrassed to admit I’ve seen, but she’s great. She reminds me of a Julia Roberts type, but better. They share some mannerisms, too. She was also cute in Head Over Heels with Freddie Prinze Jr. So, let’s play a little six degrees of separation, shall we?

In Head Over Heels, she got some Freddie Michelle Gellar smoochies. In I’m With Lucy, she all kinds of made out with date number three,Gael Garcia Bernal, who is so enjoyable. I really must see Y Tu Mama Tambien, especially now that I’ve seen some of his, erm, body of work. She also got kissy face with the aforementioned UCA. Who’s been kissy face with Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s now kissy face for life with Freddie Prinze Jr., who made out with Alyson Hannigan like a champ in Boys and Girls. Actually, all Aly did in that movie was suck face with Freddie. Wow. There’s a role. Also in Boys and Girls was American Pie‘s own Jason Biggs, who will reprise his AP character to wed Aly’s character in this summer’s American Wedding. But did you know that Jason Biggs also got first billing in Loser? Starrring opposite him in that movie was Mena Suvari. Amy Heckerling of Clueless fame wrote and directed it. And just because I’m providing all these links, don’t think that I’m looking this up as I go. I’m only saying here what I already knew. Sadly.

I also bought Circle of Friends on DVD at Wal-Mart. It was five damn dollars! The movie’s not as good as the book, but it’s good enough for me. I started it Friday night, but didn’t finish it until Saturday. So, it kind of felt like two days in Ireland. I’ve since been working on my Irish accent, which is already much better than Unfrozen Caveman Actor’s. (Sorry, honey. You’re Irish lilt sucks ass, and everyone knows it. It’s so bad that in your TV show, the writers can’t have you speak in your own flashbacks! Stick with humming Mandy. Smooches!)

Borrowing a page from Strega‘s book, here’s your random David Boreanaz quote of the day: “Just remember that kindness is a word that should be used more often, and that’s about it.”


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