No contiene jugo de fruta!

That’s what my bottle of Tropical Gatorade Xtremo says on it. The entire label is in Spanish. I really like it!

Goodness. In addition to the Gatorade Xtremo, when I stopped at my local Exxon station, I also got a large hazlenut cappuccino from the little push-the-button, stick-your-cup-under-the-spout-y thing. Woo. My mind is literally buzzing. Wow. I cannot focus. I planned to get around to an in-depth analysis of Buffy, the Fall TV line up and Dawson’s Creek, but I can’t do it. I can focus on neither work nor personal tasks on today’s (or yesterday’s) to-do list. Yesterday’s list was derailed by one of those morning emails from BossDaddy that said, “Ad deadline today! Do this now.” Like, when did you buy that ad? Oh, three weeks ago? And you’re telling me today? But frankly, I got more done yesterday than I have in the last three weeks, so telling me at the last minute was probably the right thing to do.

Graduation dinner tonight! I’m wearing a dress!


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