Shift + Refresh, dammit!

Come! On! TWoP! Now I remember why I got so frustrated with that site. It takes a democrat in the Oval Office to get the freaking pages to load.

Paranthetical sidebar here: The Southeast Dallas Democrats have invited me to join their lovely organization. TFEva read me the letter they sent last night. To which I responded, “Wait. That almost sounds like they think we should get invovled in local politics instead of just sitting around bitching about them. That can’t be right! Read it again!” Hee! I think we will. And by “we,” I mean “me.”

I’m trying to answer Queen of Denial’s poll about best and worst Buffy episodes of seasons seven and six. (I’d link to it, but I think her lj is friends only.) I just need something in front of me to help me remember ep titles, but TWoP just won’t load. it is, then. I’ve been trying to formulate a Top [arbitrary number] Buffy Episodes list. I thought filling out the poll would help me. But, not so much.

Over the long weekend, I rented S1 Felicity on DVD. Does that make me the lamest person ever? Did anyone watch that show besides me? I seem to recall back when Buffy was on Monday nights that Felicity followed it. Is that right? Or are there holes in my brain?


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