Weekly one-shot

First, someone in OTB posted the new url for Tomato Nation. Update your links!

Next, 100Watts posted a link to the coolest site, sesameseventies.com. This woman dug out her old LPs of Sesame Street Fever and Cookie Disco, rigged her old turntable into her computer, cleaned up the audio files and converted them to .wavs, .mp3s and .rams. The layout alone is totally worth the look-see, even if you’ve no interest in boogying down the 70s-lit memory lane. Personally? I downloaded every mp3 she has available.

For the business-minded, easily entertained or easily addicted like me, I have to share this game that Cosmo linked to from OTB: Virtual Drug Dealer. My high score is a little more than $8 million, but PizzaSub is the smack-pushing shiznit with scores of more than 10 times that. Something about keeping a spreadsheet of prices …. It’s pretty fun, and easy to get hooked on. MissDona shared a slightly more complex version of a similar game, which you download and play offline or online, Dope Wars. That game has cops, a loan shark, a bank, bitches for hire and a gun shop. I’m not that good at it yet, but it’s totally addictive. Yesterday, I caught myself saying aloud, “Whoa! Smack prices are too volatile. I’m not buying that stuff anymore.” Then I was excited because opium prices shot up and I made $50,000 in one transaction. Then a cop put a cap in my ass. All this from the girl who’s never even touched a drug in her life. Hee!

Last and least, my blog has been switched over to the new blogger.com FTP server. There may be some stuff wrong with this page as a result. If you see something I’ve missed, please please please drop me an email. The good news, my archives should finally work someday soon. Operative word: should.


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