Not at all shocked

Drusilla’s making movies!
Is anyone remotely surprised that the name of the movie from which this still is derrived is titled Repossessed?

Flashback File 10.23.02: “Everything I plan to wear to, from and at Redneck Con is washed, clean and pretty. Tonight I just have to shove it all in a bag or suitcase. And do the thing to my costume. I’ve been putting off the costume work because I got all emotionally attached to the shirt–I love it! It’s so cute!–that I don’t want to put fake blood on it! I keep reminding myself that the shirt was less than $10, and if I like it that much I could just go buy another one. Or dye the one I have after wearing it as a Halloween costume.” Is anyone else pleased to know that I did dye the sweater, and it looks very much like this?


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