Ode to Lip Products

If I can be forced to study a poem about a vase from Greece, I think I can write about the glories of my two favorite lip products. Biondetta’s Chardonnay Lip Service and Clinique’s Black Honey Glosswear for Lips.

Maybe it’s the Chardonnay flavoring or the sweet almond oil, but Lip Service is Heaven in a tube. I know what you’re thinking — that I always exaggerate; that I’m using a colorful expression just for the writing of it. The truth is, I’m not sure where one good thing about Lip Service ends and the other begins. It smells good, it tastes good, the texture is smooth, it feels really good going on, and it makes my lips feel nice and soft. I can’t isolate any characteristic that makes me like it so much, so I’m forced to just call the whole thing divine. Heaven in a tube.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally left my Chardonnay Lip Service at a friend’s house. That’s when I realized that the only bad thing about it was the fact that I only own one, and I can’t just pop into Walgreen’s when I’m near one to pick up another.

The glory of the Black Honey has alluded me for more than a year now. Until recently, Black Honey was only available as a lipstick, not a lip gloss. Because I’m such a frugal hag, I bought Maybelline’s Drippin’ Honey lipstick when I heard that it was a close drugstore approximation to the Clinique lipstick. Maybelline’s formula is nice — the lipstick itself is preferable to a dry-lipped girl like me. The color, however, is just different enough that it’s too dark. I’m a pale girl in my own right. My lips have, like, no pigment. They’re not pink at all. In fact, they’re kind of a faint brownish blue — the color of veins and arteries, I surmise.

Too much color Maybelline Drippin’ Honey was handed off to a more deserving, if not less appreciative, hispanic companion. I obtained a tube of Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick. Sure, the color is exactly the berry stain I expected. Sure, it’s transparent. And, yes, it probably does look good on everyone. I took it to Italy with me for my two-week vacation. It was the only lip color I took. The color’s great, but after I put it on, I don’t feel anything on my lips! And that drives me bonkers.

Perhaps if I would have owned the Lip Service and applied it after the Black Honey, I wouldn’t have tossed Black Honey into the container in my bathroom, dooming it to an indefinate life outside of the Lip Products In My Purse rotation. If it’s not downstairs by the back door, it doesn’t get worn. I need a protective covering on my lips at all times, and Black Honey can’t do it.

Lured in by the siren song of Bonus Time at Dillard’s, I paid full price for Black Honey Glosswear. *gasp* I never would have, you see, execpt I got about $30 worth of makeup with the purchase of the gloss and a mascara. (I justified the mascara because the Jane stuff I’d been using was bothering my eyes so much, I thought I had an eye infection.)

Bonus Time at Dillard’s clinique counter is crazy enough, but one of the local universities dressed up all its Alpha Chi Omegas in matchy-match t-shirts and set them loose on Northpark Mall. The girl waiting in line behind me was not initially keen on getting chatty with a local such as myself, but I started giving her gloss suggestions and won her over. Then she got aggressive with Clinique’s counter folk, who were mostly gossiping by the register as they waited in line to ring up customers. My AXO buddy got me my mascara and gloss (and bonus!) and out of there in a flash once she set her mind to it.

Last week I wore Black Honey several days in a row. The second day, BossDaddy told me that I looked especially pretty that day. Although he freely admits to being biased, he wondered if it was my lipstick catching his attention. I highly recommend getting sincere compliments whenever possible, new lip gloss or not.

Black Honey by day, Lip Service by night, and I embrace the joy I have in two simple lip products. I’m grateful that I’m the kind of person who can appreciate little things. But that doesn’t mean I’d turn you down if you wanted to buy stuff off my Amazon Wish List.


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