Crafty Molassy

The glitter gals are discussing what everyone’s making for holiday gifts this year. It’s inspired me! My father, also known as The Hardest Man to Buy for On the Planet, is getting a clock for his office. I noticed many LP albums at the used book store near my office. I think I’ll use one as the clock face. I took a picture of Marconi’s grave while I was in Italy this summer, so I’ll scan the picture in, attempt to do something arty to it, print it out and glue it over the record’s label. Signor Marconi being the inventor of the radio, of course. Important because my father works in radio.

Someone also mentioned wanting to make eye pillows this year. I’ve made several, so I thought I’d describe what I used for them here.
Eye Pillows
Materials: old pillow case, flax seeds, dried lavender (if desired), needle, thread

eye pillow step one
Step One: Cut your fabric into rectangles about six inches by eight inches. I like to use old pillow cases because usually they’re very soft. I’ve also used a dark-colored pillow case and a lighter colored scrap of silky polyester for each side. The object is that the fabric is soft and gentle for use on the eye area.
eye pillow step two
Step Two: Fold the square in half horizontally, right sides together. Sew two consecutive sides together. Turn right-side-out.

Step Three: Measure about two to three cups of the flax seed into a mixing bowl. If you’re going to add lavender, add a handful to the bowl. Please note that scented eye pillows are not recommended for migraine sufferers as many individuals are sensitive to smell — even ones as pleasant as lavender. Using a funnel or a piece of paper twisted into a funnel, pour the seeds the pillow case. The pillow should not be full. You want the flax seeds to have plenty of room for movement on the face.

Step Four: Turn open edges in and stitch together. Voilá!
I hope this is helpful!


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