Stop! Thief!

I love JennLynnster’s trading card. So much so, I made my own.

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition

User Number: 1457852
Date Created:2003-11-13
Number of Posts:

Smash procrastinates, sings in the car, knits with cheap yarn, loves her hairdresser, likes to cook and watches lots of TV. Currently the Smash household has not Tivo, cable or DSL.
Strengths: Quick to laugh, always uses proper grammar and punctuation, generous, affectionate, very hard to offend and creative.
Weaknesses: Ticklishness, habitual lip gloss purchasing, TMJ, excessive use of words like “fuck” and “hell,” and chronic hair coloring.
Special Skills: Writes HTML by hand, expert hugger, smells a sale from miles away, never pays retail, aunt-fu.
Weapons: Sarcasm, big vocabulary, elbow to the face, withering glance.
Cliche Corner: Trite sayings to live by: What goes around comes around.
Never pay retail.
Fuck a bunch of that.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!

Brought to you by Crossfire_


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