You know that first sip of tea or coffee you take every morning? The one to check your beverage:sugar:creamer ratio? The one that scalds your tongue every day? Why do I keep doing that?

I bought a couple of boxes of breakfast bars Monday because I was too rushed to walk all the way over the other end of the store where they keep the Clif bars. This particular store never has the kind of Clif bars I like, anyway, and only occasionally a decent Luna bar. I got one box of something called Krave. It’s chocolatey goodness, but a bit too candy-baresque for my breakfast pallet. I also got a box of Special K Bars in strawberry. I noticed this morning that the bars are only 90 calories. The reason for this is that they’re miniscule! I could eat four in one sitting. Tasty, though.

All breakfast foods pale in comparison to the McGriddle, though. I blame for that addiction.


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