Who is this wisteria person and why am I not her best friend?

anodyna did wisteria_‘s Icon Meme. Its very fun. I’m obsessed with icons, and I don’t know why. Even the ones I have up, I’m constantly tweaking. Although I tend not to upload the tweaked versions. Must do that.

So, anyway, ….

Current number of icons: 22
Number of icons completely unrelated to any fandom: 7
Icons by fandom:
Buffy: 7
Angel: 5
Alias: 3
Legally Blonde: 1 (oh, shut up)
Favorite icons I’ve made:
General: I actually hand-drew this plaid for my friend Mindy’s baby shower invitations. It’s so purdy!

Fannish: I do love this one , but I haven’t just put it into rotation yet. For now, I think this one is my favorite because we just rented the movie this weekend.

Favorite icons by others: Pretty much all of these are hysterical. This one especially. There’s another icon that I think was posted at buffy_icons that I didn’t nab and I should have! It’s the standard Angel and Spike staring at each other picture with animated text paraphrased from an SNL skit with Nicole Kidman and Mike Meyers. It’s the funniest.

Edited because I just bought my extra 35 icons, damn you lemming-influence sons of bitches all to hell.


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