Birdy, birdy in the sky, please don’t poopie in my eye

Saturday, I watched a flock of sparrows bathe in dirt. It was the strangest thing as I’d never seen such a thing before. They would literally scoop up some dirt with their beaks, toss it over their heads onto themselves, then shake it off. Then they would bend down, close to the dirt, and flutter their wings to kick up dirt all over themselves. Again and again they all did this. Their mannerisms were exactly like they do when they’re bathing in water. Fascinating.

While I was bird watching, my beloved was returning our cable box. We had cable exactly one month, and now it’s gone. She swears we’re getting The Dish and DVR (also known as “Fivo” for “fake Tivo”) on Tuesday. Just in time for a new Smallville and Angel! Despite knowing better, my hopes are up. My beloved also promised me a zillion times that we’d have DSL by October, and I’m still dialing up at home.

Lest anyone think I’m an ingrate and calling my beloved a yellow-bellied liar, we did get new living room furniture yesterday. A couch, a love seat, a sofa table, two end tables and two lamps. We’re still hunting for rugs, but I think I found one at Storehouse that looks promising.


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