I’ve been trying all day to download a program update from one our servers at work. I’ve notice, though, that when I work on other things while downloading, the file either a) get corrupted, or 2) aborts the download after about 20 minutes. So I closed all my programs except Internet Explorer. And seriously? How much Tomato Nation can I read at once? How many times can I hear Sars tell people to get over it in The Vine? (The answer is a lot and quite a bit, respectively.) To break up the monotony, I logged onto and skimmed through the Latest Posts.

Here are my casual observations:

  • Many lj users posting around 4:14 p.m. are in high school or younger.
  • Many lj users hate their mothers.
  • Too many people in the world find capitalization optional.
  • I’m not the stand-out trash mouth I’ve often thought myself to be. Actually, I’m not alone in my prolific use of swear words. Or maybe I’m alone in my prolific verbal use, as I don’t write them in my journal too much.
  • Most entries are dedicated to defining the user’s day as good or bad.

My friends list is nothing like Live Journal’s typical “Latest Posts” entries. Thank God.


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