When I read “GIP” in someone’s blog, I hear “Gawp!” As in Dead Poet’s Society. So, gawp!

I snagged these three Tara icons from mouthfullofdust, and there are literally hundreds more where these came from. Visual Tara crack is just a click away.

smug Tara   scrappy Tara   I kissed a girl

This is the epitome of Icons Make Me Happy.

Also? I’m really busy today. And very annoyed with pettiness, childishness and self-centeredness. Note to Haggy Old Bitch: Almost everyone realizes that you’re a narcissistic crank with no life. Why bother with the fake niceties? Better yet, why don’t you try to be sincerely nice?! Being a haggy old bitch will give you premature wrinkles at best and a sharp stick in the eye at worst. But that’s only because I’ve got a Haggy Old Bitch voodoo doll with your name all over it. Go memorize the Golden Rule before I gogue one of your eyes out.

Whew! I feel much better.


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