Parents, please don’t screw up your children

This is a random, depressing post. I’d make it private, but I don’t want to be stuck with it for eternity!

A friend recently shared a story with me about her mother basically having a fit in a public place. The jist of the fit was that mom blamed her two kids for their father’s infidelity.

I’ve never been married or had kids or discovered that my partner has a family with another woman, so I can’t judge someone’s reaction to being in that situation. But I can surely say that it’s best to leave the children out of your feelings of blame, conflict and betrayal.

Last night we watched The Order with Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossaman. Basically, Heath’s character was orphaned as a child, which made him Play-Dough for his father figure later in life.

Also, my beloved told me yesterday about a 17-year-old patient of hers with some abnormalities (of the possibly cancer variety) who instead of getting the cervical biopsy done, got pregnant instead. Immediately following the birth of this child, her obi gyniconobi will probably remove the uterous. The patient’s mother doesn’t seem to mind that her teenaged daughter is pregnant.


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