Get this man a better agent!

We rented A View from the Top, Gwyneth Paltrow’s flop comedy about being a small-town girl who became a flight attendant to go places, literally and metaphorically. You may remember Marc Blucas’ role as a love interest for Gwynnie from the trailer: “You’re breaking up with me in a birthday card?!” “Well, they don’t make break-up cards!”

So, I never got all aflutter when Riley Finn was on the screen. He’s certainly better looking than average, but I never turned to goo when he told Buffy how much he loved her or whatever. The only thing I ever held against him was that he wasn’t Angel.

But Marc Blucas is, objectively speaking, one tall, cool drink of water. And good for him for getting a part in a Gwyneth Paltrow, Candice Bergen, Mike Meyers movie! Go Team Marc! Except for the part that Marc’s character is only in the movie twice and this short, squirrelly looking dude with bad teeth plays The One Who Gets the Girl. Bad, bad casting. What? Was someone concerned about the actor who played the straight-laced, corn-fed Midwesterner on Buffy playing another straight man who wanted to stay close to his family in Ohio?


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