Firsts – Lasts


First best friend: My next-door-neighbor Matthew.
First real memory of something: Choking on a spider ring in our apartment in St. Louis, which means I was younger than three years old. My sister went and got my mother, who then gave me the Heimlich.
First car: 1989 (or 90) Nissan 240SX hatchback.
First date: My sister and her best friend Buffy took Buffy’s younger brother Bo (who I luuuuurrrrrved) and I to see Top Gun. We didn’t sit with our sisters, of course. But Bo hardly wanted to sit with me, either, so I guess it’s a wash for my Cool Points.
First real job: The Gap.
First screen name: smash
First self purchased album: My dad worked in radio, so I never had to buy an album, tape or CD until about high school. I think that was Big Audio Dynamite.
First funeral: My maternal grandfather at age 11.
First pets: A parakeet.

First piercing/tattoo: Ears pierced at 11, tat at 28.
First credit card: American Express, which I still have.
First true love: I’d like to say it was the aforementioned Bo, but he never loved me back, so how true can that be? Probably Shad. *sigh*
First enemy: Heidi from down the street. She started a fist fight, so I kicked the crap out of her until she left me alone.
First big trip: Driving to Grandma’s house for Christmas in our orange Honda station wagon.
First play/musical/performance: I started dancing at 3 with recitals every year thereafter. I was in several “real” musicals singing, dancing and “acting” in downtown Dallas. The first was about the fifth grade.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: My sister the classically trained pianist. I got her to play Fur Elise for me while I was visiting her over the holidays, and it was like stepping back through time.

Last big car ride: Driving to Redneck Con in Nashville last fall.
Last kiss: Last night, baby.
Last good cry: Monday night.
Last library book checked out: I honestly couldn’t tell you because I check out so many at a time.
Last beverage drank: Iced tea
Last food consumed: Grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard
Last phone call: My beloved’s father
Last time showered: This morning
Last shoes worn: Before the ones I have on? My Restoration Hardware Foot Duvets. I still have on my new black boots

Last cd played: Equinox 2002, a custom mix by a friend
Last item bought: Buffy season five DVDs (Thank you, Target gift card!)
Last disappointment: Not being an instant Photoshop genius yesterday when I played around on it for the first time
Last soda drank: Ew.
Last ice cream eaten: Chocolate with marshmallows and almonds from Marble Slab on Saturday … mmmm!
Last time wanting to die: Monday, January 5, my first day back to work after having two weeks off I came home with a virus. Not quite the flu, but my entire body ached.
Last time scolded: Yesterday at work.
Last shirt worn: Black v-neck t-shirt under a black v-neck sweater
Last web site visited:


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