Okay, of all the spam I’ve gotten, this is the latest one to make me pause. The subject line: ButtJack voted #1 site. Or something. Naturally, I hit the BLOCK button before the email even had time to stop sorting its little ones and zeros. I was about to journal on an unrelated topic … no, really! I’ve read my friends list and friended a couple of people who I remember from TWoP, Better Buffy Fics and/or All Things Philosophical about BtVS (I can’t always remember where I first notice a screen name, just a general positive or negative impression until I have something more specific to associate with the name). I was going to make a note about friending and icon preferences. Then I got the ButtJack email.

Ooh! I looked at my deleted items folder, and of course ButtJack isn’t just spam! It’s sporn!

For a Texan who grew up in white, middle class suburbia and went to a private Christian school and university, I’m, like, really hard to offend. I’m really liberal. The only conservative thing about me is my temper, which is not saying much. With that said, porn doesn’t bother me. I’m the girl who pimped Double Spiked. But, dude! Nekkid pictures via email? To my work address? No. The banned CD the government doesn’t want the spammer to sell, cheap viagra, hell, even the offers to increase my penis size don’t offend me. They annoy me, but I’m used to it. Text emails don’t bog down my in box. Downloading a huge jpeg does. Downloading a huge jpeg of a girl getting fucked up the ass really does. Grr.

To sum up: I’m okay with porn. I’m used to spam. Sporning my work email address is infuriating.

We supposedly have a filter or spam-blocker or some such on the network server that is supposed to keep that stuff from ever reaching my in box, but some moronic whiner complained that he didn’t get an email he needed. I’m sure in reality the email contained a dozen pictures of puppies asleep in awkward positions with some encouraging text and a mandate to forward the message to everyone who needs to know that they have a friend.


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