Ashley Jones’ Diary

Alcohol units: unfortunately none
Celebrities met over weekend: none
Remaining chores for the day: 3
Number of chores accomplished: 8

Have got to pee, but hate walking out of office after all other employees have gone for the night. Too dark. Also, v. creepy in one’s place of employment alone at night.

Am redesigning GUI of employer’s software, times two. Surely eyes will uncross before driving home! Am officially proficient in Photoshop, but annoyed with other 3D button program. Coworker proposed to and is now engaged to be married to idea of making buttons in 3D Button Visual Editor, despite fact that designer (me) has more control of 3D effects in Photoshop. Fully expect to receive invite to their wedding tomorrow. Possibly followed by crying, begging and resignation. Project is due tomorrow, and have just completed 75% of first GUI. Have only 125% more work to do! Or something.

Am uninspired for V-Day gifts, but am not worried because is Satan’s holiday anyway. A bottle of 1998 Reserva Chianti from Castello di Quecerto will win favor of beloved.

Have received email from anodyna. Is doing okay. May have seen myworldnow at grocery store last night, but was unsure and too shy to address total stranger. Still lack friend with nickname “Shaz,” but plan to simply start calling random friends “Shazzer” and “Shazzzzz” until get response.


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