Denial in Iconville

Kitten rescue has rendered me thoughtless and exhausted. Killing time at the office until the kitties are ready to eat (one mild squeak tells me that in about 20 minutes, they’ll all be rarin’ to go, which I do not want to deal with while driving home for the next hour) means icons! Doggie icons!

A couple of notes: Apparently, Eliza got a dog! Yay her! Also, there can never be enough huggy icons in the world, so I made what is probably already over-played icon of Darla and Dru hugging.

Share, share, that’s fair. So is leaving a comment that you’re taking something. I’m a no-text kind of a girl, but if you’d like something customized, feel free to do so or ask. Enjoy!

ETA: I knew I was missing icons! The last two got lost in the uploading shuffle!


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