Smelly cat

I rescued four abandoned kittens last night. I was figuring that they were a week or more old, and naively assumed that I could find some place that would take them this morning and drop them off on my way to work.

Coworkers with more cat experience than me (read: anyone who’s ever liked a cat before) tell me that these cats are probably more like two or three days old.

I have care instructions from my vet, which include:

  • Bottle feed kitten formula every three hours or on-demand.
  • Sterilize the nipple of the bottle and warm the food to body temperature before every feeding.
  • Massage abdomens regularly to stimulate bowls to teach them to pee and poop.
  • Clean gently with a slightly damp cloth two to three times a day to teach them to groom themselves.

I am not equipped for long-term newborn kitten care! But they’re very, very tiny!


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