Kittens, part 3, and other daily madness

My beloved called Oak Cliff Animal Control, where the kittens have been given to a new mama cat, on Wednesday. Mama is nursing them, but other than that she ignores them. At least she took over the hardest and most demanding part of raising them!

Work is steadily picking up. It seems to me that I’ve been maneuvered into more (and more real) responsibilities. So, yay me! The downside is that a new out-of-state employee — excuse me, “vice president” — has taken to emailing me with requests, suggestions, and ideas several times a day. We’re basically reinventing ourselves with regard to this branch of the company, and I’ve got lots of work to do. Aside from actual product development, the only other thing involved with this reinvention is the appearance of reinvention. Product names, the web site (which was worse than awful), all the literature, flyers and brochures, and even the logos — all this is my domain. Unfortunately, the chatty VP’s emails are more distracting than helpful in this regard. I find most of his marketing campaign ideas to be simplistic.

This weekend is the closest to my birthday, and I’m uninspired. I’m also fairly uninterested in even noting my natal day. Unless you’re going to give me presents, in which case, bring on the birthday!

I described my birthday fantasy to anodyna on the phone last night. She seemed impressed by the level of detail I shared, which was only a fraction of the entire birthday fantasy, of course. I recalled this morning, however, that this weekend is SXSW in Austin, and the featured performer in my birthday fantasy will doubtlessly be performing.

A quick search on the SXSW site shows me that, yes, David is performing. Even my back-up birthday fantasy of heading down to Austin and catching his show is shot all to hell because he played an hour and 45 minutes ago. I can’t even console myself with a future local performance because his web site is only updated through February.

Instead, I might just buy myself a few of his CDs that I don’t have. Happy birthday to me!


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