Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbor!

Random drive-by thoughts:

1. Outkast is a great group. I never would have expected to like so reliably anything Dr. Dre does, but I do. I read in Rolling Stone last night that Big Boi (or whatever his name is) thinks Leonardo DiCaprio should play him if a movie about Outkast were made. I love the mental image of Leo shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

2. I love iTunes. Love it!

3. I hate preparing for trade shows. I used to like it because it meant I was busy at work, but this year is a big “put up or shut up” year for me. After bitching about how I could do all things marketing better, faster, cheaper than BossDaddy, he’s put me in charge of everything for one of our subsidiaries. Um, yay?

We’re not using phrases like “dumped in my lap,” or “zero budget,” either. They’re “recent opportunities” and “future financing growth potential.”

4. I saw two squirrels this morning as I left my neighborhood. Both of them had nuts in their mouths. They were very cute!

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