East-end girl

In addition to my new power yoga habit, I signed up for a meditation class. I missed the first week (last week) because I was in Vegas for business. But I got up this morning at my assigned time and meditated, which makes two days in a row!

A few years ago a good friend became interested in Eastern religions. At the time, I was a little uncomfortable on his behalf. I mean, it seemed so drastic and sudden for a gay man from a farm in Alabama who still speaks with a thick Southern accent to declare that he didn’t want to be Southern Baptist anymore (okay, who does?) and that he was converting to something “Eastern and mystical.” But I’m roughly the age now he was when he started reading and researching, if not ever actually practicing. I find myself more and more drawn to the oldness and wisdom of yoga.

We chanted in meditation class, and it was a wonderful, fulfilling experience. The chant was in sanskrit, so don’t ask me to tell you what it was. I can give share the gist of the chant:

I honor wisdom
The old wisdom of those before us
The wisdom that exists in the universe all around me
The wisdom of everyone in the room
I honor widsom

I’m going to buy the CD if my instructor and I can figure out the title of it. Sanskrit, again.

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