Traitorous betrayer of friend!

I just remembered a dream I had a couple of nights ago. and I were at some kind of cocktail party, dinner party, friendly gathering kind of thing together. James Marsters (shaved hair, no less!) was also a guest. Dyna was kind of working him all night — he was friendly and charming. We kept getting ranty about all that is wrong with George W. Bush’s administration and policies on Iraq, health care, equal pay for women and gay marriage, then we’d realize that we should lighten up and enjoy the party and get jokey.

Dyna excused herself briefly for some reason, and in her absence I made out with James! She didn’t even catch us going at, either, but I admitted my betrayal to her anyway.

When I woke up yesterday morning, my first thought was literally, “Spike lips! Lips of Spike! Plttth, plttth!” Then I slapped my forehead and called myself an awful friend.

Let this be a lesson to you all: Never leave your imaginary television vampire boyfriends unattended with me at a dream social gathering!


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