Pain is our bodies’ way of letting us feel alive! We should thank our bodies for allowing us to feel.

In that case …
… Thank you, head. Although I’m pretty much always aware of your presence because I use you to see, think, hear, eat, speak and breathe, thanks for the opportunity to be really, really aware of you. The throbbing totally helps with that.

… Thank you sinuses! I love how you’ve got this conspiracy action going on with the tension headache, too. I’m so glad I have you!

… Thank you, shoulder. I’m probably the most grateful for you because you never let me stop being, er, grateful. What with the daily reminders to be aware and therefore thankful to you.

… Thanks, hip. Oh, I really thank you a lot for allowing me to feel a lot. A lot.

… Last, but hardly least, I appreciate you, knee. You’re a tricky one — a sacred joining of several hard bones and so much soft, delicate tissue. Thank you for the swelling. Thank you for the attractive black bruise. I’ll never fall off my bike without being grateful for you again!


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