Six floors in six months

Sunday afternoon, we selected new floors for the third time. Yet again, cherry wood laminate floors for the living room, dining area and den. This time, we’re going with real tile in the kitchen and downstairs bath. The floor store had some remnant carpet, which they’ve kindly donated to us for the coat closet floor. We offered to pay the going rate for remnant carpet, but because we will have spent more than $10,000 with them since February, the owner declined to charge us.

We were planning to have the floors trim installed while we are vacationing next week, but my beloved is feeling anxious about that. That means the next set of floors will go down in the middle of July, five months from the first installation!

I just scanned through the last several months of my check card activity. All but a few purchases in the triple digits were at Target. Buy stock. I was going to go by there for my lunch hour, but I think I’ll swing by Half Price Books instead and pick out some vaction smut. I love a good bodice-ripper!


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