Song list of glory

Here are my final selections for the perfect (for me) Over You playlist:

Headstrong :: Trapt
Tainted Love :: Marylin Manson
Go! :: The Dwarves
I Will Survive :: Cake
Invincible :: Michael “even pedophiles get the blues” Jackson
Fighter :: Christina “I gave your TV herpes from this video” Aguilera
Right Through You :: David “I’ve been waiting for y’all to break up so you can be with me forever and have my babies” Garza
You Had Me :: Joss Stone
Since U Been Gone :: Kelly “spelling rules don’t apply to American Idols” Clarkson
This Grudge :: Alanis “if I can find love despite being the posterchild for PMS, so can anyone” Morissette
I Don’t Love Anyone :: Belle and Sebastion
Thanks That Was Fun :: Barenaked Ladies
Changed the Locks :: Casey Chambers
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right :: Eddie from Ohio
Not the Girl You Think You Are :: Crowded House
Doin’ Just Fine :: Boyz II Men
The Trouble with Love Is :: Kelly “I can spell after all” Clarkson
Believer :: Chantal Kreviazuk
Couldn’t Care Less :: The Cardigans
No Woman No Cry :: Bob Marley
No Tears :: The Psychedelic Furs
What Have I Done to Deserve This :: Pet Shop Boys
Through with You :: Maroon 5
I Don’t Need You Now :: Mr. T Experience
Mr. Brightside :: The Killers
Get Gone :: Fiona Apple
Situation :: Yaz
Cry Me a River :: Justin Timberlake

Thanks again for all the great recommendations, my dear, faithful flist.

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