Lame survey of the day

A Fun Angel: The Series Survey
Did you follow Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? But of course.
What did you think of Doyle? Aww, Doyle! He served a great purpose for our titular character, and by extension, Cordelia.
Was Wesley a good replace for Doyle? Better, I think. Wesley evolved so much further than I think Doyle could have.
Who do you ship from the show? Do I look like a girl who “ships” anything?
Who do you refuse to ship from the show? Again, “ship”?! Still not a verb, kids.
Which season was your favorite? Why? Man. One? Maybe two? One was dark, in contrast to BtVS at the time, and much more MOTW without sacrificing character development for Angel, Cordy, Doyle, and Wes.
Which characters from Buffy did you want to see as regulars on Angel? Angel?
Faith: Like her? Loathe her? Don’t care about her? Love Faith. Love.
What did you think of Fred and Gunn’s relationship? Eh.
Did you want to see more of Darla? Always.
Which season Wesley is your favorite? Dude, season one. He’s so spazzy!
Which was better, Spin The Bottle or Smile Time? Spin the Bottle, just because I liked the hotel much better than the law firm.
Did you cry when Cordy, Fred and Wesley died? Yes, yes, and yes.
Was Angel out of line by erasing his friend’s memories when it came to Connor? Yes, but no. How else could he bear to go on? How else could they?
Did you like street!Gunn or lawyer!Gunn better? Street Gunn.
Are you one of those creeps who believe Fred and Lindsey were twins, seperated at birth? WTF?
Who was better, Angel or Spike? Angel.
Who do you think survived the alley? No one. Well, maybe a dragon.
What happened to Justine? Is she still handcuffed by the docks?! Justine was saved by that hot chick from Flashdance, who by then was the director of the California Arts Center. They fell in love, got pregnant, and were happy until Flashdance cheated on her. Now she’s happily expecting the birth of her first child.
Do you think Dru and Darla had sexual relations? Don’t they all?
Who did Angel belong with, Buffy or Cordy? Buffy.
Favorite overall episode? I Will Remember You. (See above.)
Do you think Joss needs to create a new series based on characters from Angel and Buffy? Serenity! Serenity!
Do think Wesley deserved forgiveness for kidnapping Connor? We all deserve forgiveness.
Were Lilah and Wesley in love? Ew.
Did you write hate mail to the WB when they cancelled the series? And, did you send hate mail to Joss when he killed Fred off? No!
Spike called Wesley Percy a lot. Do you think Spike read Harry Potter? Sure, why not?
Are you glad this is over and done with? Huh?

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