Widgets and docks and weather, oh my!

Yesterday I installed Tiger on my glorious Mac Mini. I’m not done playing with all my widgets, but my current choices include my DirecTV schedule, this here LiveJournal post widget, and a dictionary/thesaurus! My friend showed me how to use OS X’s built-in dictionary feature–you mouse over any word in any program and the definition pops up–but I can’t remember the macro now.

My friend also told me about a company that put a web page on a Mac OS X server, turned off all security and firewalls, and offered $26,000 to the first person who could alter the page and put it back up on their server. No one could do it. Suddenly, I feel much better about P2P information sharing!

I saw Serenity Thursday night. It was fun! And that’s all I’m ever going to say about it. For those of you who must wait until the Fall, please, please, please don’t read anything about the movie. First of all, it’s not done yet, so anything anyone says is based on a different movie that what you’ll see in September. Second, take this time to get out your Firefly DVDs and convert as many people as you can with the liberal sharing of them.

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