I watched Serenity again, and what struck me this time was how almost every freaking line was too funny! Yeah, fight scenes, hovercraft, blah blah, Buffybot, but dialog! With the funny! Also, I wanted to practice with some different styles of text-only icons because I have some favorite quotes in the hopper, but haven’t gotten any of them into a decent-looking icon yet. So, here are these, free for the taking. The usual guidelines apply re: hotlinking, credits, comments, but most importantly, you must enjoy!

Sadly, one of my favorite lines turned into a really ugly icon (“What you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.”), but I’ll probably re-tool it when I get to my other list of favorite quotes. Unless someone else wants to impress me with their mad icon making skillz [insert flirty eyes here].


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