My Top 10 “Currents” Meme

1) My current girl crush is … Starbuck.

2) My current boy crush is … Josh Duhamel.

3) My current fandom is … Battelstar Galactica.

4) My current favorite song is … Guero by Beck.

5) My current favorite movie is … Serenity.

6) My current pet peeve is … a know-it-all.

7) My current weakness is … red wine.

8) My current biggest flaw is … the aforementioned weakness for red wine.

9) My current favorite book is … 20-Minute Yoga Workouts by the American Yoga Society.

10) My current guilty pleasure is … ahem … red wine. But just a little bit, because I’ve cut waaaaay back. Really. No, really.


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