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Protected: Time flies — April 26, 2006

Protected: Time flies

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Protected: Dream house —

Protected: Dream house

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Protected: Horns and streamers — April 24, 2006
Day off — April 21, 2006

Day off

I’ve been miserably sick this week. Today I slept in until almost noon, and woke up feeling normal. My friend Rob told me yesterday that he brought a stomach virus back with him from a business trip, and two of us apparently picked it up when we all spent the day together Sunday at the park. Additionally, I broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago, and the cavity fell out, leading to infection. Three days of fever, stuffy head, and unpleasant tummy issues from both ends meant that I wasn’t able to work for my dad much.

However, I finished a week’s worth of work for my dad yesterday, so I rewarded myself today with a day off. I took my recycling to the Irving center because Dallas sucks and never picks it up. Then I had a late lunch at an Asian fusion place, and killed time in Ulta and Fry’s. I found some tinted sunscreen in Ulta and body wash on sale for $.99. At Fry’s I went in for a little set of speakers for my iPod for my bedroom to listen to while I fall asleep, and also found a rubber iPod jacket free with rebate!

Then I went to see Inside Man, a Spike Lee film with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Clive Owen, and the assasign guy from Serenity! His American accent is pretty, good, by the way. Jodie’s voice was totally different, also. I rather enjoyed it. Plus, seeing Jody in heels and a skirt? Ennnnnjoyable. I snuck in two wine coolers (shut up, I’m 12) to nurse while I ate my small popcorn.

This leads me into another little mini-rant: I’m overweight, and I totally know it. But when I order a small popcorn and the girl behind the counter asks if I’m sure that will be enough for me? Argh. A small popcorn is probably two servings, anyway. And I managed to make that bag last throughout most of the movie. The poor girl didn’t realize that I had an additional 250 calories smuggled in my bag to go with that popcorn! I paid for the movie with a pass from my aunt, so I felt pretty cocky sneaking in there for only $3.25 for popcorn! Snerk.

Inside Man is a nice flick. Spike Lee does subscribe to that mid-70s Kubrick feel of motion with the camera, which bothers my eyes. He’s into the spiral/circular visual element (my college art apreciation teacher would say he’s obsessed with mortality and procreation), which is appealing in the abstract. But it’s also a little nauseating in reality, especially when one was awake until 5:45 throwing up. Barfing aside, I recommend it. Jody and Denzel and the agent!

P.S. I lost my cell phone last night, and only just found it. So, if you called me Sunday and I haven’t called you back, it’s only because today was the first day I felt peppy enough to speak on the phone, but without a phone, I couldn’t call you!

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