I smell…

… like Mekhi Phifer’s manager’s cologne. Now, I know this news, plus the little list of people I saw tonight, is jack compared to mrbig1316‘s almost-daily picture show, but in my defense I live in a land-locked town in the middle of a red state. Cut me some slack.

Tonight was the VIP-only grand opening of the W Victory – Dallas (as it’s known), the structure in which I work. I worked the party, and then after my shift was allowed to change out of my uniform and party on, Wayne. I only actually met Cuba Gooding Jr., who winked at me in drunken exaggeration because all of us white women in Bliss uniforms look alike and he probably didn’t realize that I didn’t just give him a massage. I saw former mayor and candidate for Phil Graham’s senate seat Ron Kirck, Jose Eber, Mekhi Phifer, Mark Cuban, and a couple of Dallas Cowboys who I’m sure I should know but don’t. Rumor had Nikki Hilton there, but I was more concerned with writing my own Go Fug Yourself commentary on formal shorts. I suppose if anyone can justify shorts (or even short-shorts) with heals and sparkly jewelry, it’s a woman from Dallas. Home of the big hair, fake boobs, nine pounds of makeup, and more bling than Tiffany’s must face 100-degree heat at 9 p.m. It’s not even July, and already I’m arguing FOR formal shorts. I must be star-struck.

So, the opening is wall-to-wall VIPs. Ninety-eight percent of whom are total assholes. Kevin Sorbo and his wife are nice, Mark Cuban’s a creep (but we already knew that), and Cuba Gooding Jr. is short and drunk. However, being a part of the throng, bumping into Mekhi Phifer (who is very attractive and very charming), chatting with his intelligent “business partner” (who I’m pretty sure means some Turtle-equivelant from Entourage), and people watching at the Ghost Bar made me feel like a part of something bigger. I’m exhausted and ignoring people I love for a reason!

I have to be at work in 12 hours (ahh, my life!). More thoughts will come as processed.


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