TMI: Too much Internet

My friend Rob emailed me (while we were on the phone, natch) a link to a widget that searches for album images and imports it into iTunes. The latest version of iTunes (7) also automatically updates album art for you, too. So I have spent the bulk of my day off fiddling with album art in iTunes. I don’t know why I get so OCD about album art and grammar in song titles, but I do. Like, if one place an artist says “Jars Of Clay,” I am compelled to go through and change them all to “Jars of Clay.” I had an album title “The 11th Hour” that had to be changed to “The Eleventh Hour” because that’s what it says on the album cover.

I’m going to link to the Amazon Album Art widget even though I know the person who will most likely share in my OCD need for tidy iTunes is a PC user because they have an online version just for you!

And now I’m going to eat lunch and get off the damn computer!

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