God’s timing…

For those of you following along at home, you may recall that my house is on the market and my job is retarded. I find myself strapped for cash, stressed out, and physically exhausted from picking up extra shifts to make ends meet. I’m job hunting (anything goes!) and maintaining a perfectly spotless home and continue to have almost no personal life to speak of. Whee!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me an email that simply said: “Remember that God is working on a buyer & a new job for you at the same time. So, He has to line up the timing on this.”

Today I noticed that Peanut was not well. I called the vet, made an appointment, and took a deep breath before going into Pre-Freak mode. The loss of Chloe and Sophie and my sister’s dog Lilly having cancer sent me to the worst place mentally. I went from, “Huh. Peanut’s butt doesn’t look right” to “Ohmigod! Whatifshe’ssick! ACK!” in 60 seconds. While waiting for the vet appointment to come around, I had my own little conversation with God.

Sure, I know that faith is really only an issue when it’s tested. Who needs faith when everything’s fine? Also, I know that God’s timing is perfect. I don’t have “blind” faith; I know that I have to pull my weight to make things happen. But seriously? I told the Big Guy that if Peanut is really sick or even if treating her is really expensive, my head will explode. $100 that I don’t have later, Peanut is acting better than normal. (For anyone who knows her and her fear of non-carpeted surfaces, she voluntarily walked into the kitchen today for the first time in the 8 years that I’ve lived here.) I gave her medicine wrapped in a bit of provolone cheese, and I was actually worried that she wouldn’t like provolone. HAH! She sniffed out the rest of the slice I’d left on the kitchen counter! I’m relieved that Peanut will be fine. But I’ve been pushed just that much closer to my breaking point. I believe that God has perfect timing regarding my house and my career. I just need Him to factor in the timing for my head exploding, too.

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