Flat Diva

My younger niece started third grade this week. Her class is participating in the Flat Stanley project, and I am the first of Stan’s adventures. According to my niece, the more exotic the location the better, and Dallas is hardly exotic for third graders who live 30 miles south of Big D. So, I had to get creative.

Flat Stanley Visits Aunt Ashley

Flat Stanley came home with me after visiting Katie and her family for a rainy Labor Day cookout this week, just in time to tag along on my doctors visits. I hurt my arm in June, so I’ve been wearing a brace since then. I made Flat Stanley a brace to match mine.

Like I begin almost every week lately, I went to see my GP Tuesday morning. She’s handling my short term disability paperwork, so I have to see her every two weeks. Speaking of short term disability, my last paycheck was a whopping $157! Whoo hoo! Thank God for STD insurance! That doesn’t even cover all the copays I shell out in a week.

So, in my visit with my doctor and her nurse practitioner student, they asked what all was going on with me and all the feely sensitive crap. I made a joke about being a freaking stress case, and then promptly burst into tears. I cried so much and for so long that they actually sent me home with a stronger anti-depressant. Yay? Today I met with a doctor who specializing in evaluating hand and arm injuries. He also performs surgery two days a week on patients whose injuries require it. Before I went to see this doctor, I had X-rays taken of the bones in my arm, hand, and wrist. Because no bones were broken, I also had another kind of picture taken of my arm called an MRI. MRI is a good way to take a picture of muscles and the tissues that connect them to each other and to bones. The doctor looked at the X-ray and MRI, and then he examined my arm. Fortunately, he doesn’t think my arm needs surgery. I will continue exercising with another doctor’s supervision to heal my muscles and tendons in my arm. Stanley doesn’t have to wear his arm brace any more, but I need to wear mine for one more month. I was so glad to have Flat Stanley with me for my big doctor’s appointment!

Flat Stanley
Stan comes home with me and gets his very own arm brace to match mine.
We’re going to look at X-rays!
Stan poses on the lightboard before the doctor puts up my X-rays and MRI to decide my fate.
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