What do dreams mean, anyway?

I asked my therapist last time about dreams. He said what I pretty much already knew: Sometimes they’re simple manifestations of anxiety or worry, sometimes they’re your brain trying to process events that it can’t “normally” process, sometimes they’re symbolic, and sometime they’re just mental junk. I suppose I give my dreams more significance rather than less. I feel like my dreams are me talking to me. I’m not a linear person AT ALL, and the fact that I make sense to anyone outside of my head is me forcing myself into conventional thought and speech patterns. So, I figure my dreams are my brain unleashed from that.

That said, I had an interesting dream last night! First, I somehow came upon a photo shoot of my friend from church camp who is now a rock star and found me on Facebook last Fall. Only it wasn’t really him. The only really real him is really him. (Couldn’t resist.) He was much taller that I think he really is. I don’t remember exactly how tall he is in real life, as the last time I saw him was in passing when I was a sophomore or junior in college. So! In my dream he was tall and dreamy and having a photo shoot with no shirt on. Somehow, he talked me into having my own photo shoot. I resisted because of body issues, but he eventually convinced me. Clearly, this was a DREAM, because in my photo shoot I was naked holding a basketball strategically. Oh, I wasn’t covering any of my naughty bits. I was using the ball to cover my tummy, which wasn’t as flat as I want it to be.

Yes, I brought my workout clothes to hit the Curves after work today. I’ve got to get ready for that basketball!


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