Life Offline

I had a long week with very specific ideas about what my weekend would look like. Friday night, I was going to enjoy the juicy middle of what is turning out to be a very interesting book that I downloaded on my Kindle app for iPhone. I’m considering a Kindle or Nook or iPad, so I’m trying it on my iPhone first to see if I can get used to the idea of electronic books. I was resistant, but then I remembered that my friend Alex calls my car a “mobile library” because I have so many books in it. And that doesn’t even count my huge bookshelves crammed with books, overwhelming my tiny apartment. So, in the “pro” column of the ebook issue: Help with the “I look like a hoarder” issue.

Saturday, my plan was to call my friend Peter because I didn’t get to talk to him much at his birthday party last weekend. Also, I intended to arrange some kind of visit with my parents. I was also really looking forward to syncing my iPhone with my new MacBook Pro.
So when it dawned on me Friday, about halfway home from work, that I didn’t have my iPhone, I invented a new kind of upset. I was feeling pretty taxed already after dealing with a couple of challenging people. One Tigger — an excitable, everything’s-an-emergency, former nay-sayer who I’ve been working diligently to win over — and one of her dismal resellers, who I intended to call an Eeyore, but that’s really an insult to Eeyore! This Evil Eeyore has been popping up in my inbox, on my phone, or in my Live Chat queue every day for two weeks. He was bordering on insulting when we spoke on the phone Wednesday, but I thought I had calmed him down. When he called our marketing platform a “p. o. s. content management system” Friday? I was DONE. I refused to even engage him further to explain to him that our system is NOT a content management system, and expecting it to act like one is the source of his frustration. (I may be still a little worked up over E.E. Maybe.)

What am I going to do? I have challenged myself to lay off the obsessive Facebook and work email and Words with Friends checking, and get things done. I’m reading a real book again. And using free wifi at Corner Bakery to blog about it. Hee! I’m going to take my dog to the dog park, then give her a bath and try to enjoy the quiet.


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