Just deleted 40 Facebook apps

I’ve been talking about cleaning up my digital footprint for two weeks, specifically on the Great Personal Information Harvester that is Facebook. So, I searched on FB “remove applications.” Someone very thoughtfully made a FB page with a link to a blog that guides you through just that! The blog itself is pretty stripped down and the navigation is a bit tedious, but the author got me to click far enough into my account settings to figure out how to go from there.

I had 57 apps! Fifty-seven! Most of which I couldn’t even tell you what they were. It took me 15 minutes to delete them all. At least now I have my apps dialed down to ones that I actually use, like Posterous [ o. Hi, Posterous! Thanks for letting me write this in Mail and email it to you so you can post to all my social media accounts!], Pandora, HootSuite, and a newly added Bizzy. Parenthetical note: Have you checked out Bizzy.com yet, my Dallas friends? I’m digging their business model and how the site works.

Happy Friday!


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