Godspeed Peanut M&M Elizabeth Blyth

I had to put Peanut down today. I’ve anticipated this day with increasing anxiety for 18 months. I’m sad, but I do feel some relief — see previous statement about increasing anxiety for the last 18 months.

I adopted Peanut in January 1997. She was estimated to be between six months to a year old at the time. I gave her my sister’s birthday, July 11. July 11, 1996 – November 3, 2010. Not a bad life for a saucy little shelter dog!

The day I met Peanut, she jumped into my lap and sat down facing the room. I waited to see what she would do and if she would comfortably trust me. Within 30 seconds, she looked all the way up at me until she was leaned back against me. She has ruled my heart and my life since that moment.

She was a precious gift. And she will be sorely missed.

Post Script: I’m so blessed to have family to support me through this. I asked my sister to take on the job of telling my parents and my aunt that I’d taken Peanut to the vet this morning, and that today might be the day. After I spoke with the vet at noon or so and he informed me that he was unable to make Peanut comfortable or enable her to breathe more normally, all I had to do was text my aunt the time and the name of the clinic, and my aunt and uncle were there to be with me and take Peanut home with them. She will be buried in a sunny spot by the lake on their beautiful property — Peanut loved to sunbathe. If I would have let them, they would have taken me home with them to nurse me for a couple of days, too, but I knew that I needed to face HOME ALONE right away. I knew I needed to pack up Peanut’s things today. I knew I needed to reflect (and write, obviously).

Post Post Script: Even though I had JUST come from the vet and said goodbye, when I walked in the door tonight I still anticipated Peanut. I wonder how long I’ll experience that sensation? A 14-year habit is bound to be hard to break.

Edited to add Post Post Post Script: I added @rustypup’s photo of Peanut on stairs at my old house. I have many memories of Peanut sunbathing, lounging, and watching from that landing.

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2 thoughts on “Godspeed Peanut M&M Elizabeth Blyth

  1. rustypup says:

    Oh, friend. I’m so sorry for your loss. Peanut was a sweet girl and a wonderful companion. I’m glad your family is taking care of you and there’s a lovely place for Peanut to rest.::love::Your mention of sunbathing reminded me that I ran across this photo recently: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v232/littledoglaughd/RL/12doggy.jpg

  2. Ashley Blyth says:

    Thank you, friend, for your sentiments, and also for the photo. It captures beautifully so many of my memories of her. I’ve added it to this post for posterity. I hope that’s OK. I love and miss you!

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