Oy, Plano!

Plano, Texas may be the safest city in the United States, but as a resident of an apartment next door to police HQ, I take more than my fair share of police harassment to enable that level of security. 

Today, I worked from home. Not that I need a reason, but I had to put my dog down Wednesday and I haven’t allowed myself to grieve or feel that loss, and seriously I NEED TIME. I need time to allocate my bandwidth to grieving and working without any stress around showering, putting on makeup, finding matching clothes, and getting to work on time, and spending the day without making a fool of myself during a crying jag.

So, Plano P.D. for the win: I got a parking ticket for leaving my car in my own garage all day long. I discovered this act of superior protection measure because I went out to my car to get a case of La Croix water. 

Oh, Plano Police Department, I’m extremely cranky. The judge who gets assigned to my case will rein a furious heat down upon you before I am done with these proceedings. 

You know what PDP? Try broadening that search. Thnx thnx thnx! Loveyameanit.


One thought on “Oy, Plano!

  1. […] last home was a very small, fairly miserable little dump with serious plumbing and other issues. But at least I felt some level of stability there. Maybe I didn’t feel like that at first […]

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