Brilliance Stolen

That freaky Interwebz blows my mind. Today my boss was all, “I one-upped you on the social media, Miss Early Adopter.” Ouch. Thirty minutes after I signed up for, I discovered that the founders are abandoning it.I feel a wee bit better, but still … that should have been my discovery!

Cliqset is EXACTLY the kind of reader-aggrigator I’ve been pining for. I think is great for pushing content, but I also want to pull content from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal … but mostly Facebook and Twitter. Of the articles I read today around the dissolution of Cliqset, most acknowledged that Twitter and Facebook are the platforms to beat. And by “to beat,” I really mean that those are the two to be able to integrate with.

Alas, Cliqset appears to be not so much any more. Argh.

Somehow late this afternoon I found myself sucked into It’s Bizzy + Yelp + Apolicious = Blippy. Ish. And it wants me to sync my debit card so it can track my purchases and ask me to review them … creepy. So I totally signed up!

Now, I need to go to bed. After I watch Conan. And decide what books to read tomorrow because I’m out.


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