Mucus and court dates

Let’s talk headcolds and sore throats. Tis the season, and all. I realize that I was probably suseptable because I’ve been so freaking stressed out. For the last week I’ve been stewing in my own emotional turmoil. Turmoil of my own design; I’ll freely admit. But anxiety around work, money, personal stuff, still getting used to life without Peanut, what’s going on for the holidays, and it’s no wonder that I picked up everyone’s favorite virus. And now I get to spend the next five days listening to my ear drums crackle.

I had some chicken noodle soup for dinner (and lunch, actually), and now my stomach is rumbling. What do you eat when you can’t get food past the throat and into the stomach?!

I predict low-grade fever Wednesday morning and complete loss of voice by Wednesday night. I have to go to court down the street to contest the parking ticket I got while parked in my own parking garage in the morning, so I hope I have some energy and am not too snotty for that.

At work, we’ve got to hammer out a few things. I spent the better part of ALL DAY in a meeting honing our quick pitch. And the bursts of energy that got me excited and engaged during that completely sucked me dry. I hope tonight’s Nyquil and Zicam doses refuel me.

*I just discovered that my Zicam expired more than two years ago. Probably not going to help so much with the severity of my symptoms or length of my cold. Note to self: buy new Zicam. This stuff didn’t even exist when I bought my shmo swabs, but I’m totally buying some in the morning!


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