Christmas Eve at Czechered Farm


My younger niece and I had lunch with my mom and did some last-minute shopping and gift exchanging. The weather was terrible — temperatures dropping all afternoon accompanied by pouring rain. We came back to my sister's, and she was starting dinner. We all pitched in, and had homemade spaghetti and turkey meatballs. I sauteed fresh garlic for the sauce (and when my brother-in-law got home later he said he could smell the garlic from garage!) and built the sauce up from there. All together, dinner was delicious. My brother-in-law didn't get home until after we girls finished dinner — poor guy he is working through Tuesday.

We opened presents last night, and I had more attention, gifts, pictures, and affections than I could have ever wished for. A quiet morning, then lunch with my mom and niece, followed by shopping, then cooking and an amazing dinner, then all the proof a girl could need that I've been a Very Good Girl this year ….

My sister gave me a Kindle! My older niece gave me a painting! My dad gave me a gift card to my favorite place on Earth … Target. But of course, more than the "stuff," I spent wonderful time with family, including my grandmother. Summing up my entire Christmas experience reaches beyond my words. And that's saying something. Because I've got words.

Christmas is about family. To Christians, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. To me, any holiday that warrants a family get-together is good enough for me. I love Thanksgiving the best because it's not so commercial, but my family comes together for a wonderful day. I love Christmas because of the time with family plus the Christian significance.


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