Loneliness, bitterness, and happiness.

I just read a blog post I wrote about loneliness from a couple of weeks ago. Things have shifted significantly since then in terms of people I confide in about my personal feelings, so, far warning! I my levels of loneliness promises to only continue!

The bitterness portion of this post refers to Shakespeare’s famous quotation, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” and I have tapped into fury like I haven’t known I had access to in years. To my own dismay, I went from sad and angsty to furious and vengeful in no seconds. This is not an aspect of my personality that I am proud of or enjoy. I feel scorned. And I have fury. I hate it, but I have fury.

Mostly, I spent today with my parents. I wanted to give them new flatware for Christmas. My parents have been using the same stuff since they were married. Wood-handled flatware that by now has been washed so many times the wood is grey and the sets aren’t even. We found some pretty flatware for really cheap (and I mean really cheap!) on sale. But more than cheap, I really want my parents to like what they see when they empty the dishwasher or sit down for food. So, that’s where I am today. I’m not even sure that I’m worthy to pray for more, but I will.


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