Is it vain to love my own cooking?

I admit that I do not cook nearly as much as I should since living alone, but I have a handful of dishes that (humbly speaking) only get better with time. Tonight I made chowder — it’s cold and yucky outside! I boiled new potatoes, then celery, in chicken broth. Then, I browned some white corn in olive oil, fresh ground pepper and garlic. Stir some grilled chicken into the mix with a can of cheese soup and almond milk, add a couple of dashes of Tabasco, and THAT is a bowl of soup! I made enough for tomorrow as well. One thing I forgot to get at the store was some fresh, crusty bread! I’ll get some for tomorrow. After dinner, I dug hairballs out of my bathtub drain! I’m the picture of domesticity. It’s amazing I’m still single.


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