Laundry apocalypse is well underway!


I started laundry as soon as I woke up this morning. And that means that I haven’t had enough hot water to do much else today. Although I cooked roasted corn chowder again today. I’ve had America: The Story of Us on and am a laundry folding machine. I realize every time I do laundry that I mostly wear about 10 percent of my clothes. I probably rediscover another one or two percent to add into rotation when I do this kind of deep laundry basket-diving. Every time I wonder why I habitually reach for the same outfits, I remind myself that I’m the only female in an office of dudes who probably don’t know the difference between my dark jeans with a coral blouse, and khaki pants with a blue sweater. My plan for the day was to do some shopping (for a new outfit!), do some cleaning, and run a couple of errands. Instead, I dove head-first into multiple major projects. That’s how I do things, though. All or nothing.

My aunt and uncle raise miniature cattle, and they slaughtered one for family use. I declined their generous offer to take some meat — I’ll stick with corn chowder, but thanks! — but my sister’s family has been working out how to store their portions. My fridge is stored in their shed, but that may not be big enough. But lucky me, I live right on the way to the farm, my sister is stopping by on their way to pick up the beef, so at least I get to say hi!

It’s officially time to abandon the laundry apocalypse, dye my hair, and slap on a mud mask. I’m having dinner with some of my favorite people tonight!


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